Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Hunger Games Review of a Very Casual Moviegoer

I met with my high school friends last week and it has been really refreshing considering the stress that I’ve been going through the past few weeks then.

It’s been a cool thing, reuniting with them after five years and actually sitting down and telling stories with them. It feels so good.

Well, of course, we burned our money watching The Hunger Games and yeah, it’s sort of cool. I actually was hesitant to watch it because I haven’t got the time to read the book even if the ebook was already saved in my laptop for a good one year since I learned it was a banned book in America last 2009. But yeah, since there’s no decent movie to watch that week, we plunged in it.

And it was a good experience. Jennifer Lawrence was really stunning as Katniss especially during the first interview. And I like her with her brown hair than her natural blonde. Katniss is my type of heroine, kinda tomboyish with still a touch of femininity. I really like her because I see myself so much in her like in the way she never wanted to be seen as weak. As for her acting, she just doesn’t have any chemistry with Josh. Or is it because Katniss is supposed to be faking it for the audience?  But still, their mushier scenes just don’t have any effect on me. As for Josh Hutcherson, well, when I first saw him in the movie, I thought of Alfons Heiderich. It’s just that his hair was parted to the other side. Oh well. As for his acting, he was actually convincing during the Reaping.  He was the shy boy being called to become a sacrifice, you can actually see the vulnerability in his actions, and also when they saw the Capitol, he has that shy boy smile of wonder again. But come arena scenes, his acting became bland. They don’t have any chemistry. Period.

But still, it was a good movie in the sense that finally, I was able to force myself to read the book. I actually planned to read Catching Fire, but I closed it after just reading the first few pages. The book really doesn’t have any effect on me. It was so unlike Harry Potter that even if I already watched the movie, I would still avidly read the book. No such thing here with The Hunger Games. And upon reflection, I like the movie Katniss better than the book Katniss, the former’s very decided and determined, while the latter is too whiny and angsty for my taste. And Peeta. He’s so vague in the books I like movie Peeta better again. Peeta in the book is like Stephenie Meyer trying to become intellectual.

I love the stars, I love Jennifer, I love Josh, but for all the hype, I think the acting is bland, unconvincing.
Still, it’s worth your penny.


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