Friday, July 5, 2013

Grades Are One Annoying Part of Education

I am the type of person who doesn't give a f*** about what someone does, so when other teachers are questioning my classroom management techniques as a way of getting me in trouble, I get angry. It's not like I am the one who vandalized the walls, disturbed classes, howled and horsed along the corridor ad infinitum. Sure, I can give these students some slack, you know, because they are immature and are discovering themselves, but these students are 14-16 years olds they know and can actually do what is right. Like, I don't know, studying? You figure.

So, after all the brouhaha that was the student who was retained, another co-worker approached me and pressured me into giving the student a passing grade. And I was annoyed for the whole afternoon.

I have always believed that if you question a teacher's way of giving grades is tantamount to questioning the teacher's ability as a whole. Add to that the fact that if you are a new teacher, chances are you will always be the one who will be getting this pressure. It's not like I didn't do everything that I can in my power to help the student out. Because, you know, if the student doesn't want the encouragement, then you are not supposed to shove that encouragement through his throat like a penis. And you are not supposed to take the crap because of that. So what if the other teachers are tenured? Am I not a teacher too? Does me being on a contract make me less of a teacher? I don't think so.

Luckily, the topic was dropped. But I was hoping that this pressure on all sides will be escalated, and luckily again, that didn't happen. Because you know, I will still stand by my computation.


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