Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some Serious Psychological Hatred Against Militant Activists

I have this psychological hatred against activists.

The ones who are asking that our country be socialist? Oh, I f****** hate them.
You see, if you have been in close association with them for a whole f****** year, you would really be changing your perspective, and activist-bashing wouldn't seem to be a bad idea.

Things I hate about them:

1. They go to the streets for a mobilization, then after the said mobilization, they will go straight to the mall.

Seriously people, you are battling capitalism and you will go straight to that big block of a capitalist building telling you to spend all your money on consumer goods?

2. They will tell you that education is a right.

Yes, I agree with you! Education is a f****** right, but only up to 4th year high school. Because you see, you have to f****** work for your college education. You are already in college, son, why not stop asking your parents for your tuition money?

Now I can heare some kids say, "But I am only 16!" You cannot talk about college education without talking about you being a part of the workforce. Here in our country, we get out of high school at 16, which is too young for some companies. Means that you are a kid and you cannot work, which means also that you need to be necessarily sucking off your parents' pockets for your college education. You couldn't work for your college education if you are 16 right? Companies wouldn't accept you. You need to be 18 right? So you necessarily need to fake your documents to go to work, which is a big fuck you to the government and to the company you are working at. So, why not extend basic education to 12 years? Again, again, these activists will again say that it will be again a burden to the parents who need to spend a longer time to pay money. Shit.

These activists need some consistency. If we stick to the 10 year cycle, the parents would have to pay for a longer time because their children graduated as minors, so they would have to pay until these said children are already in their 4th year college. If we do the 12 years, then the parents can choose to stop supporting the child. Why? The kid can already f****** find a job and pay for his own college education! Less burden for the parents. Also, the decision to opt or not to opt for college education would be in the hands of the child now. And this certain child will never have to blame his/her parents for making a fuss out of his/her life.

Consistency. If you activists say that education is a right, wouldn't it be giving more justice to that phrase if it is the student who will choose for his/her own education? That is why it is a right, you can choose whether or not to exercise it. You can choose whether or not to enter college. Consistency.

You say that education is a right and not a privilege. I really agree with you. But it seems to me that your concept of "right" is something that is freely given and a your concept of "privilege" is something that you need to pay for. That is just so totally f***** up. Let me tell you this: Education is both a right and a privilege. It is a right because you can choose to whether to educate yourself or not and it is a privilege because you need to f****** work for it.

Okay. I went a little off-course because of that...Now back to the topic.

3. I also could not understand their socialist-communist mania. 

I mean, you want political independence, you want self-sufficiency, you want decolonization, you want a NATIONAL IDENTITY and you run your organization with a FOREIGN IDEOLOGY? The last time I checked the history books, Marx, whom you consider as the Father of Communism and who formulated communist thought, is a GERMAN. How f***** up can you get? Consistency. Consistency. If you want to liberate this country, how about mishmashing up your OWN ideology? It worked for Russia, it worked for China, why not f***** make it work for your own goddamned country? Patriotism, people.

4. Also, they really like to be identified with the farmers and fishermen.

Not that there is something wrong with it. But you see, if you really want to understand the plight of the farmers and fishermen, live with them! Be them! You cannot fight for them if you haven't experienced planting and harvesting yourself for real! That is why I really find it ridiculous whenever I see a middle-class person parroting the cause of the farmers, because you see, I am a grandchild of a farmer, and never, never did I see anyone of from these activists help him when all of his crops died because of Typhoon Pepeng! You really cannot fight for something which you do not know. Know what you are fighting for first.

5. Same is true for the common workers, say, the jeepney drivers. Don't tag me as apathetic to their plight if I choose NOT to go to a demonstration. You see, I do not have time joining your mobilizations because I am actually busy helping my father out here! I am actually busy studying so that the money that he earns for my education wouldn't go to waste! I am sure as heaven knows that he does not expect me rallying in the streets for him when I am supposed to be in the classroom making each hard-earned cent that he gave me f***** worth it! And besides, you are causing so much traffic that his jeepney couldn't get through. And of course, if there is heavy traffic, he will be stuck and it will actually needlessly consume while you are fighting for the rollback of the crude oil prices, you are also actually promoting the products of the oil companies because the gasoline station is where my father will buy the diesel that was needlessly wasted because you caused the heavy traffic in the first place! Who are you really fighting for? My father? Or Shell, Caltex and Petron?

5. Also, also... I really hate it whenever they tag somebody (who is not in the same league as them) as a "reactionist." F***. What the hell is that? Aren't we all reactionists? That is the reason why they became activists in the first place! They REACTED to what they think are the problems of the country. Actually, reacting is what they always do. Reacting is what they are good at. How do I know? Just look at all those protests that they stage. Sure it's exciting at first, but as time goes by, they just sound like a bunch of crybabies who want their toy back. They just become background noise that people don't even seem to notice. And what is so bad about it is that they project their "reactionism" to other people as if they are the only ones who care for the country.

6. They couldn't explain how the fuck they are going to provide the needs of the people once our country becomes socialist.

They said that they are going to provide goods for the people based on their needs. Okay. And how the fuck are they going to gauge specific people's needs? Suppose they give us 1000 cavans of rice, how will they divide it among the people? How can they be sure that it is enough? You see, people are unpredictable, so what if a certain bulky man needed more than what he needs? Will they shoot him? They sure can't because that man is a part of the workforce.

7. They can't explain how they are going to deal with a person who dares question the party thinking.

Their answer is that they party will be more important than the individual. Okay. That didn't answer my question to them at all. They said that they will try to reach a consensus. Okay. That is scary, because what if I am stubborn and I will stay put? I can't be let go by the party because I will sure cause a disruption to the system that they built because I have a different way of thinking. So I think, I think the party will have to neutralize me, that is, silence me, KILL me. Then is the time that the party will be above the individual.

You see, activists, you are not the only ones who care for this country. So stop acting like you are.

You have an issue with capitalism? Get f***** bored with it. Capitalism works for the country, let our country learn from her mistakes, let her ditch capitalism if she wants. The more and more you babble about capitalism, the more and more I think that you are just resentful towards the wealth that they have.

And another thing... Oh, this did not come from me because you know, I am not as intelligent as you are, activism is like a dick, it is fine to have one, it is fine to show it in public, but never, ever shove it right through someone's throat!


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