Monday, October 7, 2013


My topic for my sociolinguistics paper has just been approved! And yeah, the consultation that I had with my professor last Friday really helped.

I would be working on fanfiction writers identity construction through language using the framework of narrative inequality. What I will do is to look for fanfiction writers and to look for patterns as to their use of language and how their use of language actually position themselves in the fanfiction community. So far, I have two subjects, and I am still looking for three more. So if you are a fanfiction writer in the FMA fandom, you may contact me through this email add, deathbecomesher_01@yahoo. com and you will be much appreciated. Should you choose to be my participant, I will have to study your author's notes, biography and the comments and reviews that your readers posted in your stories. Interviews will also be conducted in order for me to be able to piece out the reasons as to why you write in a certain way and why you write in general.

So, what will happen is that I will have to show my professor why this particular study is relevant, and of course I would have to give her a background about fanfiction as I think she had a very vague idea of how it really works and the narratives of fanfiction writers and how they construct identities.

I really do hope that everything will turn out well. And yeah, I need to start recontacting my subjects. Good luck to me.


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