Sunday, October 6, 2013

Towards the End of the Term

It's already almost the end of my first sem in graduate school and hell am I feeling the pressure. So I decided to study fanfiction for my sociolinguistics class, and so far, so good. I was already able to get two participants and I am just looking for another one. So, if you are a Filipino and you write fanfictions, send me a message, you would really be a big help. Though if I don't get a third participant, then I would just continue with two. This is not really a thesis but just a final term paper, so I think there wouldn't be much problem as to the number of my participants. But still, I am in big want of participants since the participants that joined still had not much content in their sites. So I am actually looking for veteran writers here. What I am planning to look into the jargon of fanfiction and its sociolinguistics, why fanfic writers use certain expressions like "OOC" or "fluff" and how they use it. I am also planning to look into it either from the perspective of linguistic imperialism or creation of identity and agency. I have already sent my professor an email regarding this and I think she found it interesting. I am already taking it as a sort of soft approval from her part, but of course, I still have no idea as to how I am going to do it.Hopefully I will be able to ace this paper, since I consider it as the be-all-end-all of this subject aside of course from the report which I already did and an exam that we will still have to sit on.

I hope that my professor would really support me in this, seeing that majority of the stakes are against me. But I am hopeful. That much is true.


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